The Success Of Your Company Depends
On The People You Hire

Use Proven Assessment Technogy To Hire and Develop More Top Performers

Selection Sciences helps organizations use the latest advances in research, psychology, and technology to hire, develop, and retain top performing employees.

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Three Steps To Hiring More Top Performers

Use Hiring Assessments To Determin Job Requirements

Correctly Indentify Your Requirements

It might sound obvious, but lack of clear definition of requirements is a major cause of hiring problems whether you are using assessments as part of your process or not. Some types of requirements (such as certifications) are easy to specify, but other characteristics such as thinking style, behaviors, and motivations are more difficult to determine.

Using a validated assessment to model top performers in your company or your industry to is a proven way to make sure you have an accurate and measurable list of requirements that includes critical characteristics that only a trained psychologist would be aware of.

Use Hiring Assessments pare To Compare Candidates

Compare Candidates To The Requirements

Once the requirements of a position have been established the next step is to accurately compare the candidate to the requirements. This is traditionally done using an itnerview process.

While an interview is a good start and a valuable source of information, some critical success factors (such as cognitive ability, reasoning, and learning index) are almost impossible to uncover using a conventional interview process. Using an assessment in addition to your existing interview process will make sure that you reduce interviewer subjectivity and uncover potential problems before they happen.

Hiring Assessments Can Create Interview Questions

Explore Any Mismatches

The final step is to investigate areas where the candidate does not match the model you established in step one and explore those areas with the candidate before you make a final decision. Having mismatches doesn’t mean that you reject the candidate, just tht you are aware of how you will have to manage the candidate if you hire them. You may conclude that it will require more than you want to invest.

Once again, a validated hiring assessment can help by making at totally objective the comparison and generating customized interview questions that you can use to explore the mismatches and make the most informed decision possible.

Executive Guide To Assessments Download

How To Get Better Results From Every Hire

Thoughts, Strategies, And Ideas Using Research and Technology To Hire More Top Performing Employees

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