Using Hiring Assessments
To Hire Top Performers

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Two High Quality Programs For Your Group

These programs have been presenteed at dozens of SHRM (Socienty For Human Resources Management) conferences (FL, MD, NJ, Tampa, Tri-State, and HR West in ‘16 to name a few).
They will also be presented at the National SHRM Talent Management conference in Chicago in April 2017 – so you know that they are of the highest quality.

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Using Assessments To Hire Top Performing Employees

Summary Of Session:

Quality candidates are becoming harder to find and the cost of hiring mistakes is increasing. Fortunately, using an appropriate assessment can help.

This fun and interactive workshop will show you how to use assessments and other technologies to get an edge in your hiring by identifying the exact skills, thinking patterns, behaviors, motivations, and other factors that will make someone a top performer in your organization and how to use assessments to match potential candidates to these characteristics.

Workplace Application:

This session will show how to use assessments and related technologies to hire more top performing employees who fit your culture.

Recertification /Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session you will be able to:

         Understand how to use profiles, surveys, and assessments to help acquire and retain a high-performing workforce

         Evaluate the suitability of different types of hiring assessments for different purposes and select from different products available in the marketplace

         Use technology to enhance the interview process and uncover hidden candidate weaknesses so these factors are included in your decision process

         Know if an assessment is valid and reliable and why this is important under EEOC regulations

         Avoid the five most common pitfalls of using assessments and take advantage of the five biggest benefits

Getting The Best
From Everyone

Using Assessments for Problem Solving, Coaching, and Development

Summary Of Session:

Understanding people and behaviors can be challenging even with a degree in psychology. Fortunately, assessments can help HR professionals to diagnose and solve problems as well as provide coaching and development advice to make top performers even better.

In this session you will learn the different types of assessments, how to select the right assessment for the situation, how to introduce it to your organization, and how to use the results most effectively. Attendees will receive a selection guide they can take with them.

Workplace Application:

This session will show you how to use assessments to diagnose and solve HR problems and improve the performance of any person or team.

Recertification /Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session you will be able to:

         Determine when to use (and not use) assessments for problem solving and development

         Select the most appropriate assessment to achieve your outcome

         Understand the strengths, weakness, and proper use of common assessments such as DISC and Myers Briggs

         Cost justify and get management approval for using assessments as part of an ongoing training and development program

         Implement a simple three step system that gets enthusiastic buy in and avoids common pitfalls when introducing assessments to your organization


Meet Paul Endress

Paul Endress is the founder of Selection Sciences and an innovative expert in the use of psychology and technology to hire, develop, and retain top performing employees.

An inspiring speaker, he helps companies of all size maximize their investment in human capital by refining their hiring processes to increase the quality of their work force.

Paul is the author of The Executives Guide To Assessments and The Hiring Secrets of Google, has spoken at dozens of SHRM events, and been quoted on the front page of USA Today, as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine and dozens of other leading business publications.

You can see video of Paul in action here.